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From the Mayor:

Local government works best when citizens are informed and involved. Logan City has more than 20 boards and commissions that are staffed by volunteer citizens. Each of them makes an important contribution to city governance. A list of those boards and committees and current vacancies can be found by clicking the link "Opportunities to Serve" on this page. If you would like to be considered to serve, go to the page and fill out the online application. Your interest is appreciated.

July 15 Mayor's Update

Watch "Channel 4 Road Tour--Logan"

Welcome to Logan


Logan City Cultural Arts Grant

Grant applications are being accepted for funding approved by the Logan Municipal Council in the City's 2014-2015 budget to assist in the support of the arts. Sponsorship is planned to support local art events and performing groups, including but not limited to: music, dance, theatre, crafts and visual, folk and literary art, for the purpose of educating and enriching the lives of Logan residents. Criteria for funding distribution is available upon request. Funding recommendations are made to the Mayor by the Logan Fine Arts Committee.

Application deadline is 5:00 p.m., Friday August 1, 2014. Forms are available at the City Recorder’s Office, 290 North 100 West, Logan, Utah, 435-716-9002 during regular office hours or here.

Teresa Harris, City Recorder

Help Control Mosquito Populations

Logan City Environmental Department has begun mosquito prevention treatment this season to help control mosquito populations and protect the public. Standing water is prime breeding ground for mosquitoes. The single most important step residents can take to help us fight mosquito populations is to remove and/or report standing water in yards and neighborhoods. Common sources of standing water are bird baths, pet dishes, flower pot drip trays, ponds, tires, rain gutters, wheelbarrows, wading pools, puddles and ditches, and unused swimming pools. It is important to either change the water in these locations frequently or take measures to prevent them from collecting water in the first place. Please do your part to help us control the mosquito population.

If you see mosquito larvae, empty the water or call to report standing water near you. For questions or to make a report of mosquitoes or larvae within Logan City Limits, please call Joe Archer, city forester, at 435-716-9749.

Mosquitoes may carry West Nile Virus. Residents can protect themselves from West Nile Virus by taking the following precautions:
  • Wear insect repellent containing DEET when outdoors at dawn and dusk
  • Wear long-sleeved shirts and long pants when outdoors
  • Avoid mosquito infested areas
  • Limit time out of doors during dawn and dusk

2014 Chip & Seal

The 2014 Chip & Seal program will run from June 30th through August 1st. For more information on this program and to see which roads are scheduled to be completed, view the Chip & Seal page.

Council Adopted 2015 Budget

The Council Adopted Budget for the 2015 fiscal year is now available online.

Municipal Code Regarding Campaign Signs

The placement of Campaign Sign within the City of Logan is governed by the Land Development Code under the following regulations:

§17.40.110. Temporary Signs

C. Temporary signs with a noncommercial message of any type in any zoning district shall be as follows:
1. Signs shall not exceed four (4) square feet per facing and a maximum height of four (4) feet above the ground; and
2. A maximum of one (1) sign per each noncommercial opinion, message, issue or candidate for elected office may be placed on any one property per calendar year.

D. All Temporary Signs shall only be allowed as follows:
1. Signs shall be located on private property with the owner’s permission;
2. Signs shall not be stacked;
3. Signs shall not be placed in the public right of way or on public property;
4. Signs shall not be placed in the sight distance triangle;
5. Signs shall not be illuminated;
6. Signs shall not be mounted to fences;
7. Signs shall not be mounted to trees or utility poles;
8. Signs shall be maintained in a safe condition. Signs that are damaged, broken or displayed in a manner to be a safety hazard shall be subject to immediate removal;
9. Signs shall be placed in/on landscaped areas and patios. No signs shall be allowed in/on parking lots or vehicular driveways;
10. Signs shall be securely fastened/anchored to the ground;
11. Signs shall consist of sturdy or rigid material that does not move or give the appearance of movement;
12. Unless otherwise evident (i.e., campaign signs), temporary signs shall include a notation or certificate on the back of the sign listing a responsible person to contact regarding the sign including the name address and phone number and the dates or date range the sign is displayed; and
13. Temporary signs do not require sign permits prior to installation.

If you have any questions about these specific sign regulations, you may contact Mike DeSimone at (435) 716-9022

Proper Disposal of Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs

With so many light bulb options out there, it is difficult to know which ones require special care for disposal. Of all the light bulbs on the market, fluorescent light bulbs are the only ones that contain mercury.

Most households have a Compact Florescent Light bulb (sometimes called a "curly light bulb" or a CFL). Most CFLs contain less than 3.5 mg of mercury (and some are as low as .8mg).

To dispose of CFLs properly, you can bring your bulbs to the Logan City Household Hazardous Waste facility for FREE (if you are a residential customer). Simply bring it to our facility located at 1400 W 200 N in Logan. You can also check with home improvement stores within Cache County to determine if they have a CFL recycling program. Please call (435) 716-9755 with questions.

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